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Lingyin Temple


Lingyin Temple is a Buddhism temple which was built in 326, it has a history of more than 1,600 years .An India monk called Huili, when he came to Hangzhou at first time, he built the Lingyin Temple.Lingstands for soul, andyinstands for retreat, so when you enter the Lingyin Temple, that means you enter the soul’s retreat. Lingyin Temple divided into 3 directions, Hall of the Heavenly Kings, The Main Hall and The Medicine Buddha Hall. Also, The Hall of Five Hundred Arhats. The meaning of Buddhism is to reach a state free from earthly pains and sorrows. This state could be attainable by following certains ways of getting rid of the desires. Every day, thousands of Buddhist followers come here to pay respects to Buddhas. And it become the most influential monasteries in China.