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Dragon Well Green Tea


Longjing Tea, also known as Dragon Well Tea . Longjing Tea is a pan-fried green tea produced mostly by hand and has been renowned for its high quality. It has a history of some 1,200 years, and was said to be named after a well that was believed to be connected to the sea and to have a dragon living within it. Longjing village is the origin of the dragon well tea. Our tea plantation has all that are essential for the growing of quality tea. They are fertile soil, moderate, climate, plentiful, rainfall, mist and cloud surrounding the hills all year round. Extra care in breeding and picking and unique traditional hand roasting method also contribute much to the superior quality of the tea.In one of the farmer houses in Longjing village, you can join the locals to pick tea, observe the tea baking process, and reward yourself with a cup of Longjing Tea, drunk within its native plantation.