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HangZhou-City Of Paradise

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Lesser Yingzhou Isle, we also called “Three pools mirroring the moon.”Because there are three stone miniature pagodas on the other side of the islet. They were built in the Ming dynasty . Now it is the best place to enjoy the moonlight in the Mid-autumn festival, people would light the candles in the pagodas and seal the holes with thin paper, and then they would have the beautiful reflections on the water. Thus,“Three pools mirroring the moon” which is one of the top 10 west lake scenic spot. What’s more, Three pools mirroring the moon is the largest island with a lot of pavilions and bridges.

1、Lost my passport. What should I do first?

The first thing: don't worry, find it! In addition to the extreme situations of being stolen, it may generally just fall somewhere.
The second thing is to make sure that the passport is lost, call the police quickly, go to the local police station to report the loss, and get a lost passport (preferably copy several copies). Normally, you can do it on the same day.

2、Where to apply for a passport?

Go to the Chinese embassy or consulate in your country to renew your passport.
For example: Thailand has Consulate General in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Songkhla (mainly responsible for Phuket, Krabi). Reference link:; Consulate of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, you can take a monorail to Ampang station, just upstairs in Bank of China.

3、What materials do I need to prepare?

Copy of passport, copy of visa, copy of ID card, copy of return flight, lost passport

4、Resend your passport or apply for a travel permit?

You can choose to renew your passport or apply for a travel permit. The difference is:
Passports: It takes 15 business days to process your passport and it takes a long time to wait.
Travel Certificate: It takes 4 working days to get a travel permit, and it only takes 2 working days for an emergency. You need to renew your passport when you return to China. It is recommended to apply for a travel permit.
TIPS: Beginning in 2014, the “missing or stolen passport form” and the “new passport transfer seal form” should also be filled in. The Immigration Bureau of Thailand needs to check it out. The form can be obtained from the Visa Hall of the Chinese Embassy or downloaded from the Thailand Immigration Bureau's website at
In Malaysia, after applying for a good travel permit, the embassy will give you an immigration office and you can stamp it. The Immigration Bureau is located in Putrajaya and taxis to circa 50 MYR without a direct bus.
Special Note:
l There is also a layer of customs between Hong Kong and the Mainland, so visitors with temporary documents cannot enter Hong Kong. Travelers are advised to go directly from the country to the United States and return home directly.
l Before going abroad, it is best to back up your ID card, passport homepage, visa page, and 2-inch photos, and bring a copy with you.