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Tea Culture & Snacks Banquet Half Day Tour

Monday-Friday ONLY

Highlights of our tour


We will bring you to the tea village where you can enjoy a peaceful and fresh morning far away from the busy city. The Longjing(dragon well) tea is considered as one of the top green teas in China, we will teach you how to pick up tea 、cook tea and make tea in a local tea farmer’s house. Having a bird-eye view over the West Lake at Chenghuang Pavilion, you will enjoy the southern song dynasty snacks banquet with traditional Chinese tea ceremony.


8:30 Pick up from your hotel and drive to the tea village. (40Miin)

Experience the tea culture

We will bring you to Meijiawu Tea Culture Village which is considered the best to return to the nature. With its idyllic beauty, the tea farmer will take you to the mountain area and you will be impressed by the tea terraces of high and low hill-slops.

As a tea fan, you will not only see tea picking and tea processing, but also have a chance to experience as a tea expert, entering a tea plantation, picking the tea leaves, visiting the tea farmer’s house and enjoying the local tea ceremony.


Sancks Banquet

The Chenghuang Pavilion is one of the most iconic images of Hangzhou skyline. With a bird’s-eye view over the city and the lake, you will have a unique lunch-snacks banquet, including a cup of flower tea, lotus powder, Hangzhou cat’s ear noodle, crisp cakes and some other local snacks, while enjoying a traditional Chinese music instrumental performance during your snacks banquet.

13:30 Back to your hotel.

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Tea Culture & Snacks Banquet Half Day Tour
Monday-Friday ONLY

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